House Moving Checklist

Six Weeks Prior:

  1. Finalise your future realestate or rental needs
  2. Consult your insurance company to find out if changes to policies are required
  3. Declutter by sorting through your wardrobes, draws and cupboards to clean out any unwanted items that will not be moving to your new house.  Hire a Moving Junk Bin, hold a Garage Sale or donate unwanted items to charity
  4. Inventory all valuable items that you are planning to move and determine replacement values for insurance purposes
  5. If you are moving yourself book a moving trailer to assist you in the moving process
  6. If you are using a removalist get estimates from several moving companies and don’t forget to pre-book your moving boxes through GECKOBOX Moving Boxes Adelaide
  7. If you are not cleaning your old house yourself book a post move house cleaner


Four Weeks Prior:

  1. Alert utility companies to disconnect services the day after you move and to have new service activated several days before you arrive at your new house
  2. Arrange estimates from several storage companies if storage is required
Moving House


One Week Prior:

  1. Organise delivery of your moving boxes and pack your house
  2. Arrange payment or deposit for your removalist company
  3. Write directions to your new home for the Moving Company, confirm your delivery date and provide them with your mobile phone number
  4. If you have a post box notify you Post Office of your change of address, notify all service providers, friends/relatives, banks, and any other necessary companies and organisations
  5. Cancel any magazine or newspaper subscriptions
  6. Notify both current and past employers of your new home address
  7. Clean rugs and have them packed for moving
  8. Pack valuable items into a lockable moving boxes, lock these boxes and mark them for your attention.  You might decide to move these boxes personally.
Trailer Hire

Moving Day:

  1. Have each family member pack a first night box
  2. Accompany the mover as he or she inventories your possessions and makes condition reports
  3. Make sure you have arranged payment options for the removalist company and are able to pay them if required on the day of moving
  4. Make sure that your removalist company has access to your new house if you are not there when they arrive
  5. Have you old house cleaned thoroughly
  6. Lock windows, turn off lights, close doors, and take a final tour after the movers have finished checking that nothing has been left behind


Post Moving Day:

  1. Recycle any waste packing material left over from your move
  2. Return your Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes, Moving Trailers and Junk Bins
New House Key

Enjoy your new House!

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