Month: December 2015

Moving House Provides you with the Perfect Opportunity to Declutter

Don’t Miss your Chance to Free yourself of Unwanted Items! If you’re planning a move in the near future, your mind is likely a whirlwind of checklists, dates and deadlines. Factor in the impact your impending move may have on the planet and things can become even more stressful. Earth911 has some excellent suggestions on their website not only shrinking the carbon footprint of your move, but also helping you save time, money and headaches so you can concentrate on more important things — like getting to know your new suburb and what you will keep or donate before you… Read more »

House Moving Checklist

Six Weeks Prior: Finalise your future realestate or rental needs Consult your insurance company to find out if changes to policies are required Declutter by sorting through your wardrobes, draws and cupboards to clean out any unwanted items that will not be moving to your new house.  Hire a Moving Junk Bin, hold a Garage Sale or donate unwanted items to charity Inventory all valuable items that you are planning to move and determine replacement values for insurance purposes If you are moving yourself book a moving trailer to assist you in the moving process If you are using a removalist… Read more »